There are so many valuable reasons why New Hampshire homeowners choose to heat with oil. From new technologies and savings opportunities to service options and safety standards, learn more about the benefits of oil heat.


Service & Reliability

Choosing a nearby oil delivery provider is the best way to make sure your home and family are protected with uninterrupted heating.

  • Support local business.
  • Benefit from the convenience of a nearby company.
  • Keep your home warm without worry.

Price & Savings

The heating oil industry has made great strides in terms of environmental benefits, service options, and technology while maintaining record-low prices.

  • Lower heating oil rates save NH homeowners hundreds of dollars.
  • Upgrading to high-efficiency oil heating equipment is much more affordable than converting to a different energy source.
  • Depending on your current system, simply scheduling your annual tune-up can improve operating efficiency and reduce fuel costs even further!

Technology & Efficiency

Homeowners that opt to heat with oil can save up to 30% per year on fuel costs with the installation of a new, energy-efficient boiler or furnace.

  • Homeowners can save significantly on fuel costs and increase their property’s value.
  • Efficiencies continue to increase with new technologies.
  • Energy-saving advancements can reduce fuel usage without compromising comfort.

Safety & Protection

Local heating companies take extra care to provide their customers with service at any time and in any weather to keep New Hampshire homeowners safe.

  • Depend on prompt response, direct communication, and personalized service.
  • 24-hour emergency service and options like heating system service plans for maximum protection may be available, depending on your provider of choice.
  • By nature, oil is a safe, non-flammable fuel.
Enjoy of all the benefits of heating with oil and save money! Take advantage of highly valuable rebates for new oil boilers, new oil furnaces, and new oil tanks. See the rebate details!

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